You have to try the queso at the Torchy’s Tacos location in Phoenix

July 5, 2022 - News Break

Torchy’s Tacos, known for “damn good tacos,” opened its first Arizona location last week at Camelback Colonnade.

I became a fan of the Texas-based chain on a trip to Houston last year, so I had to stop in for lunch on their first day in the Valley.

First thing’s first: Yes, it’s called Torchy’s Tacos, and the tacos are awesome (I’ll get to that soon), but the best thing on the menu is the green chile queso, or as Torchy’s calls it, “the golden elixir.”

  • The slightly spicy, super creamy cheese dip is topped with guacamole, cotija cheese, cilantro and Torchy’s Diablo Sauce.
  • Axios Phoenix’s Jeremy Duda went with the Hillbilly Queso, which is the same thing but with chorizo added, because he believes there are few things in this world that can’t be made better with chorizo.

I hesitate to deem foods “the best” in our coverage because I know that opens the floodgates for disagreement and closes the door on finding a new “best” down the road.

  • This is an exception. I have never tasted any dip this good and I truly believe I never will. Crossroads taco and Trashy Trailer Park taco. Photo: Jessica Boehm/Axios

OK, on to the tacos: I ordered two of the specialty tacos, which was plenty of food for me when paired with my precious golden elixir.

  • Trailer Park: A piece of fried chicken topped with green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheddar jack cheese. Or, get it “trashy” (as I did): Take off the lettuce and add queso. ($4.35)
  • Crossroads: Smoked beef brisket topped with grilled onions, jalapeños, cilantro, avocado, jack cheese and tomatillo sauce. ($5.50)
  • Jeremy went with the Trailer Park as well but also tried a Brushfire, which is jerk chicken with jalapeños, mangos, sour cream and salsa, with Diablo Sauce added for some extra kick. ($4.95)

The Fried Avocado tacos. Photo: Jessica Boehm/Axios

Vegetarians rejoice: Tacos can be hard to find for non-meat eaters, but Torchy’s offers fried avocado and beyond beef tacos.

  • It also has salmon and shrimp tacos for pescatarians.

Of note: There is also an impressive selection of breakfast tacos, which is something we need more of in the Valley.

Pro tip: Do not — under any circumstances — look at the calorie count. 😅