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July 17, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

We’re Hustlerz. Fans say we play Pop-Punk, So-Cal Rock or Pop-Alt. We call it Blink 182-Weezer-Lit-Good Charlotte-Green Day-Bowling for Soup-Presidents of the USA-fun that makes people say “Hey! I know that one!” grab a drink and party down.

Once upon a time, Arvin, Daniel and Tyler needed a singer. So they put an ad on Craigslist. Chad answered and they said, “sure, show up and sing.” We had no idea if we sucked or would like each other.

Turns out none of us sucked (if fact we are pretty darn good) and we found ourselves jelling pretty quickly, too. It was one of those internet matches that actually worked. We push each other, have fun, argue over a song every now and then, but most of all enjoy playing some killer songs and having a great time while we’re at it.

Copper Blues

(480) 719-5005
50 W Jefferson St
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Open During Light Rail Construction
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