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SCHEELS Strongman Battle at the Marina 2023

Saturday, March 25



Weigh-ins will be at American Iron Gym (650 S Rock Blvd, Reno, NV, 89502)

Weigh-ins will be Friday March 24th, from 9 AM to 12 PM, and 5 PM to 7 PM



Max Prisoner Deadlift

Standard height deadlift with 100 pounds of chains. Athletes will have 3 attempts for max weight. Weight will be increased by adding plates to the bar. If an athlete fails an attempt they are out. Conventional stance only. Minimum weights are listed below.

Allowed: Chalk, straps, sleeves, belt.

Not allowed: Deadlift suits/briefs, tacky.


Push and Load Race

30 foot course. Athletes will push a truck 30 feet then run back and carry 2 sandbags and load them onto the truck bed. 60 second time limit. If the athlete does not complete the course they will be scored based on distance.

Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belt, grip shirt.

Not allowed: Tacky


Log Press for Reps

Max reps in 60 seconds. Every rep MUST be cleaned from the ground.

Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belt, grip shirt, wrist wraps.

Not allowed: Multiply sleeves, double sleeves, compression cuff on sleeve. No tacky.


Farmers Carry

100 foot farmers carry with a turn at 50 feet. The turn will be around a corner with the implement still in the hand. Unlimited drops allowed, but no dragging the implement. 60 second time limit, if athletes don’t complete the full course, they’ll be scored on distance.

Allowed: Chalk, sleeves, belt.

Not allowed: Straps, tacky.


Head-to-Head Stone of Steel to Shoulder

2 athletes from the same weight class will lift head-to-head at the same time. 60 second time limit. Every rep must start with the stone on the ground and end with the stone controlled on the athlete’s shoulder. The non-dominant hand cannot be touching the stone at the top.

Allowed: Belt, grip shirt, sleeves, tacky towels/spray.

Not allowed: Tacky.


$100 Per Athlete | 60 Athletes | No Refunds
Registration Closes March 18, 2023


(775) 331-2700
1200 Scheels Drive
Sparks, NV 89434