The Furniture Mall of Missouri NOW OPEN

The Malls were designed with an open, flowing floor plan to encourage exploring hundreds of styles in a fun and easy way. From kids riding trikes and pedal cars through the isles to homemade fresh cookies delivered while you shop, we make it fun for everyone. Our Howdy Café -- is a fully furnished café which is a direct salute to our grandparents and founders of the business. The café makes home-made frozen custard, cookies, coffee, etc., that are served to our guests by our “Ohhh Yeah!” hosts and hostesses. We like to say we are the only furniture store in the world that provides home-made frozen custard to guests. This adds to the fun of shopping we want our guests to experience in our stores. Our Motto of “Happy Family, Happy Guest, Happy Business” is at our core at every mall. We focus on our work family to create a team of people not just doing jobs but working together in a way that is fun, helpful and helps others! Happy Guest is the next step… our Happy Family can now completely focus on you, “our Guests” to enjoy shopping again and making your home everything you want. When these two come together it makes for a Happy Business; knowing that we are helping people and is what it’s all about!

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