Cold Stone Creamery

ColdStone Creamery

Self Serve
Pre-made, pre-packaged          $6.00 per person (5oz portion)
48oz ToGo Container               $11.99 (Enough for 10 people)
Cookies                                    $9.99 (4pack)
Cupcakes                                 $12.99  (6 pack)
Cakes                                       $27.99-74.99 (Signatures or Custom)(various sizes)
*48hour notice for self serve services required, exceptions can be made.
**All self serve services are subjected to taxes and $25 delivery fee
Staff on site
Sundae Bar                              $6.00 per person
(choice of 4 ice creams & 6 toppings)
Pre-Made, Pre-Packaged        $6.00 per person
Cookies                                   $5.00 per person
(Choice of 3 ice creams & 3 toppings & 1 type of cookies)
Smoothie Bar (12oz)                $6 per person (choice  of  3 types)
Shake Bar (12oz)                     $6 per person (Choice of 3 types)
Cakes                                       $27.99-74.99
*5 day notice required for any services if possible, however exceptions can be made.
**Sundae Bar and Pre-Made Staff on site include fudge, caramel, whip topping
***All staff and non staff on site services are subject to taxes and $150 staff fee for up to 4 hours; with required minimum of 50 people
****Additions to our services are available for additional pricing
Additional Add-Ins
Waffle Cones/Bowls                   $0.89
Sugar Cones                              $0.49
Dasani Water Bottles (16oz)      $1.89
Coca Cola Bottles (20oz)           $1.89

Contact Info

(260) 434-1010
4150 W Jefferson Blvd Suite K5
Fort Wayne, IN 46804



    Hours of operation may have been impacted by COVID-19. Please contact the retailer directly for their current hours.