Valo Wellness Spa

Inspired by the Scandinavian value of Hygge, the quality comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment and wellbeing, Valo Wellness Spa offers a full day spa experience, innovative modalities, workshops, and an all encompassing approach to wellness. We welcome all in our community to join in on the path to whole mind, body, and soul wellness. Grounded in sustainability and a love for the natural world, Valo Wellness Spa is an integrative and luxurious wellness experience. At Valo Wellness Spa we believe in the harmony between personal health and planetary wellbeing. Therefore, a conscious effort was taken into the sustainability of our design, brands, and operational standards. Like us, the Earth is a living and breathing organism, and we desire to work in harmony with the Earth by utilizing the resources we are provided with respect. We assume a deep commitment to honoring the environment.