Legacy Preservation

Honoring the rich history of the former Paradise Valley Mall, the redevelopment of the site is paying tribute to the cherished treasures that were within in a variety of ways.
Paradise Valley Cube

The Cube

The iconic Union Jack entry cubes were designed by architect Rafique Islam and built in 1979 as a part of the original Paradise Valley Mall.

  • The newly reimagined PV pays homage to the beloved Cube through design inspiration of the new mixed-used development’s logo.
  • The Cube will also be honored throughout the development and park in unique and innovative ways.

The Commemorative Food Court Tiles

As the food court and main entryway were remodeled, Paradise Valley Mall invited community members to be a part of the transformation by purchasing personal tiles that were on display honoring the lives of cherished loved ones.

  • A variety of methods were explored to remove & preserve the commemorative food court tiles from the food court with extraction proving unfeasible.
  • The community was invited to request a replica of their cherished tile upon demolition of the food court.
  • Over 100 replica tiles were produced and shipped to requesting community members.
  • Each tile was also chronicled by a professional photographer and the photos were emailed to inquiring community members.
PV Three Graces

The Three Graces Statue

Designed by local artist, Jim Branscum, the statue was installed in May 1986 as a part of the mall expansion which brought two new wings, Dillard’s and Macy’s, and a revamped food court. The three life-sized sculptures depict three girls in traditional Navajo dress, representing hope, faith and love. It was the largest undertaking of the artist at the time and took 16 months to sculpt. Rusty Lyon, founder of Westcor and developer of Paradise Valley Mall, was an avid Native American art collector and commissioned the piece for the public to be able to enjoy.

  • The statue resided at Paradise Valley Mall until 2020 and is currently being kept and preserved in a safe place for potential redeployment at the new reimagined PV.
Coca Cola Carousel

The Carousel

Designed by artist Jeffrey Briggs and created by Fabricon Carousel Company, the larger-than-life carousel opened a few years after the renovation of the food court.  Sponsored by Coca Cola, it was the highlight for memories for young and old.

  • The carousel was purchased by a private buyer in 2021.
Stained Glass Paradise Valley Mall

The Stained Glass

The Stained Glass installation by Maureen McGuire was commissioned as part of the distinctive architecture which would set the center apart from the standard mall of the time, the glass resided as a stunning backdrop in the food court as a part of the original Paradise Valley Mall. The design inspiration represents the crowds of patrons and families that gathered at the shopping center.

  • The glass installation was carefully extracted from the mall prior to demolition and is in safe keeping for potential redeployment at the new reimagined PV.

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